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Chicago SEO, Mentor & Speaker

Chicago SEO, Mentor & Speaker


Chicago SEO, Mentor & Speaker


Chicago SEO Expert

Brent D. Payne is a world-renowned SEO based in Chicago. He's not only been in the SEO industry since 1999, but his agency, Loud Interactive, has helped hundreds of companies find SEO success since it was founded in 2011. Loud's client roster includes Groupon,, Northwestern Hospital, DoorDash, Designer Appliances, Minded, Champ, VSiN and a myriad of Chicago startups.

Neil Davis, - An online psychiatrist startup

In my experience, the signal-to-noise ratio amongst individuals in the SEO industry is particularly bad. Supposed 'experts' miss the forest for the trees and focus on short-term gains that are either not scalable or sustainable. In stark contrast, Brent has provided a foundation on which to build SEO success. He provides high-quality work that cuts through the noise. And, most importantly, the results are undeniably excellent. Highly recommended.

Brent D. Payne -- SEO Mentor


January 2011 - Present


Brent Payne has been a Techstars Chicago Mentor before Techstars even had a location in Chicago. How's that possible? He was an SEO mentor for the accelerator that merged with Techstars Chicago.

January 2011 - Present


Brent was introduced to Techstars Seattle after his success as a Techstars Chicago Mentor. His mentorship was met with wild praises from the Managing Director to the founders themselves

January 2011 - Present


This portion will be updated to include all of the additional cities that Brent mentored. The list is long and we will need to come up with the proper layout to make the list work within the design, but be rest assured...he worked with 20 locations.

“Whenever the subject of search engine optimization arises for our founders, my first phone call has always been to Brent Payne. He is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful mentors we’ve had at Techstars Chicago and I’m grateful for his leadership and practicality in this field!”

Neal Sáles-Griffin, Managing Director at Techstars Chicago

“I first met Brent in 2010 when he was SEO Director at Tribune and I was a reporter at Tribune Co. in Baltimore. I was impressed with his SEO knowledge and skills that brought Tribune's online presence to the next level, far surpassing the competition at the time. In 2013, I invited Brent to be a speaker at the Society of Professional Journalists conference. Brent successfully led an engaging and informative discussion with a room full of journalists who to this day apply the SEO best practices in their newsrooms thanks to Brent's knowledge and infinite wisdom.”

Steven Schuster, Award-Winning Journalist